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Princess Charm School Mission


Princess Charm School is on a mission to help train-up a generation of God-fearing, spirit-filled, word believing women full of true beauty, poise, and righteousness through old fashion charm school, and instilling important life skills that will equip each one to carry out her God-given purpose.

Statement of Faith


Need a Speaker for your Next Event?


 Need a speaker for your next event?  Lisa enjoys speaking to girls and women of all ages about the importance of godly character and conduct.  Her heart felt messages will inspire and challenge audiences to truly understand the meaning of true beauty, poise, and righteousness.

Books by Lisa

Princess Charm School:
A Godly Approach to Beauty, Poise, and Righteousness
Teens and Preteens will love Lisa Harris’s Princess Charm School which guides them through the pressures of our modern world while offering sound advice about beauty, etiquette, posture, and other tips, combined with relevant wisdom from God’s word. Purchase of this book includes a FREE digital download! This book is also available as a CD audio and digital eBook.
288-page Paperback, Tate Publishing and Enterprises


The Official Princess HandbookThe Official Princess Handbook:
A Little Girl’s Guide to Beauty, Poise, and Righteousness

Practicing good habits and Godly manners is becoming a lost art, yet young people are still interested in projecting a poised, mannerly appearance. Girls can discover in this exciting new book how to become a princess inside and out. Being a princess is more than what we see on the outside; a true princess knows her spiritual worth and allows her inner beauty to enhance her outward appearance.  This book is also available in PDF & ePub Formats.  96-page Paperback, Harrison House Publishing

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