"Have you been looking for a way to sharpen your self-image and better your life?  
Welcome to Princess Charm School, a Godly Approach to Beauty, Poise, and Righteousness."

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I love to look at pictures of hairstyles on Pinterest and daydream about what my life would be like if I had beautiful flowing locks…
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Keep Christ in Christmas

I'm a Christian, I'm not ashamed, and I will keep Christ in my Christmas. LISTEN HERE. Wouldn't you agree that our society has lost its…
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What Makes a Successful Person Successful?

Are you looking for success? Do you desire to be successful in life? In this blog post, I will cover nine qualities that I have…
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Look back at how far you’ve come, then Keep on Going.

Since 2001, when I got the vision to write an etiquette book and start a girl's ministry. It has been a challenge. I started writing…
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Why Princess Charm School?

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