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about usEtiquette Instructor and speaker Lisa Delmedico Harris inspires students to practice good manners. 

Why Charm School?

To truly understand what Princess Charm School is all about, it is important that you first know the meaning of charm school.  Charm School has been around for many centuries. It was proper for a young lady to attend a finishing school or charm school in order to learn the correct ways of social graces.  Charm Schools taught proper etiquette, good grooming, and acceptable social behavior.

Etiquette is an extravagant word for knowing how to govern social behavior, and is often a little sign we use to communicate with others.  Etiquette should help us get along with others and should create a common tie between each of us in society.  It is for everyone and should be an important factor in everyone’s behavior no matter what gender, age, or background.  But in today’s society, the practice of etiquette and social graces are quickly being forgotten.

Princess Charm School was created to help restore the lost art of etiquette in hopes to inspire a new generation of kindness.  It is unique in its ability to combine everyday social graces with godly views.  Princess Charm School is an original and has been conducting charm schools and events since 2005.  Founded and created by Lisa Delmedico Harris.

About Lisa

Raised on a farm in a small rural community in Oklahoma, Lisa learned to appreciate the outdoors and the simple life. Growing up on a farm taught her many life lessons like the importance of hard work and determination.  She enjoyed being an active member of the FFA and showing livestock.  At the age of twelve, she entered her first pageant which lead her to compete in over 200 pageants and gathering more than 150 titles.

Her active involvement in pageants soon led her to a career in the fashion and modeling industries.  Lisa attended Bauder Fashion College in Arlington, Tx where she graduated with a Fashion Merchandising degree.  But alongside her accomplishments, one divine appointment and friendship would set her on the path to discovering her divine destiny and purpose.

In 1987, Lisa met successful business woman, Susan Huston, while attending college and applied for an internship position working as Mrs. Huston’s personal assistant.  The internship consisted of assisting in fashion show coordination and charm school workshops.  It wasn’t long after when Lisa realized the position was more than an incredible mentorship but a training opportunity that would one day lead to the beginning of her own ministry.

I’d never heard of charm school and I knew very little about the industry of etiquette.  I was amazed at what I had learned and the inspiration I had gained watching Mrs. Huston inspire young girls and better their lives as individuals.  I knew from working with Ms. Huston I wanted to do the same one day. Inspiring and encouraging others gives me great joy.  It is an honor to be walking and working with God, and teaching charm school.” -says Lisa-

Lisa is an author, speaker, TV host, fashion and etiquette expert, entrepreneur, and the founder of Princess Charm School, but her most cherished accomplishment, being a wife and mother.  Lisa, her husband Dusty, and three children, Sarah, Raychel, and Wade currently live in Porum, Ok and operate Harris Quarter Horses where they raise and train ranch and rodeo horses.

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“Lisa’s incredible insight provides a phenomenal guideline for girls of all ages to find the unique princess that God has placed in all of us.” -Tina M – Mother/Teacher

“The knowledge Lisa shares comes from her experiences. But it is more than knowledge; it is from her heart.” -Susan Huston, Etiquette Instructor

“Hi Lisa! I was so excited to find out about you. I have two daughters and have been searching for a Godly alternative to everyday etiquette.” -Jana R – Mother/Teacher

“I have been asked to teach a charm/ etiquette class at our homeschool co-op for 3-6 graders. I was wondering if your book would work as a curriculum. I really like the fact that it is based on a Christian Perspective.” -Sara M – Tennessee

“My daughters and I found your website doing a Google search-I was looking for a resource to teach them some basic manners and polite conduct in a fun way, and thought it was also a plus that your book has a Christian perspective.” -Amy B –

“I LOVE what you’re doing! Almost every little girls dream is to be a princess. (that still hasn’t changed for me) but you’re making a new definition as to what a Princess is! You’re using Gods word to better young ladies all over the world.” Thank you. -Alexis L – Student