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Lisa is a personal development coach, etiquette instructor, and stylist with more than 30 years of experience in the fashion, modeling, pageant, and etiquette industries.  Lisa began her career and love for fashion and modeling at the age of twelve when she entered her first pageant—Cinderella Girl.  Throughout her pre-teen and teen years, she went on to compete in over two hundred pageants across Oklahoma and the US.  Her pageant career also continued into the Mrs. Pageants later in life.

With a love for fashion, modeling, and pageantry, Lisa pursued a career in fashion and earned a Fashion Merchandising Degree from Bauder Fashion College in the heart of the fashion industry-Dallas, Tx.  Lisa has been featured in numerous print and TV advertisements, volunteers as the program host for TBN’s, Joy In Our Town, and has been a part of feature films, including Jesus of Nazareth, and Crossing the Line.

In 2001, Lisa had a vision and desire in her heart to share her vast knowledge to help others.  In 2008, she put that vision into reality when she published her first title Princess Charm School:  A Godly Approach to Beauty, Poise, and Righteousness. A self-help book written to help girls and women of all ages understand the true meaning of beauty in a unique way–by combining biblical references and insights.  In 2010, the Official Princess Handbook was born and the story of Isabella was introduced to little girls around the world.

“In a day and time where social graces and common kindness has seemed to slowly vanish, has created a time and a need to teach and re-establish what true beauty, poise, and righteousness really means.  It’s time to raise up a generation of young women who understand that beauty is more than skin deep and kindness is worth more than a thousand words.”

“I believe charm school is for women of all ages and that we all need an opportunity to educate ourselves in a way that would create a change and bring about success.  If we were all to take etiquette lessons from the word of God, we would learn more about the importance of having good manners and good posture, and more about how we can walk in the perfect ways of God,” says Lisa Harris.

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