Invite Lisa

Lisa brings etiquette into a new perspective when she combines biblical truth with social graces
and gives a Godly approach to beauty, poise, and righteousness.

Perfect for youth groups, girl’s ministry, women’s ministry, school groups, and other organizations who are interested in developing and cultivating social skills.  Although her message is straight and to the point, it is sure to challenge individuals to become a better person and to recognize the importance of being Christ-like everyday.

When Speaking to Young Ladies

In a world where it seems like there are no signs of kindness or social graces, Lisa’s brings to life the importance of living out true beauty, poise, and righteousness every day.  “Being Christ-like is more than just words, it is about taking action and responsibility for ones own behavior and acts of kindness.  In order to learn the importance of etiquette and walking in love, one must first go to the word of God.” says Lisa. Combining the word of God with everyday social graces brings a new perspective to young girls and challenges them to be all they have been created to be.

Topics include:  true beauty, poise and posture, walking in love and kindness, relationships, grooming, righteousness, and more.

When Speaking to Moms

As a mother, Lisa understands the importance of raising Godly children and knows how difficult it can be.  She combines her experiences with the word of God to relay a timely message on how to raise children of godly character with sound morals.

“Are we training up a generation of children who will not be afraid to stand up for the truth, who will not bow down to worldly ideas and views on how to behave and treat others, who will take responsibility for their actions and behaviors, and who will grow up to be God-fearing children of God? Asks Lisa. Now is the time more than ever to teach and train up our children in the ways of God.”

Topics include:  Teaching Children Etiquette, Princess Charm School, Living by Example, Preparing Our Children for the Future, and more.

Invite Lisa

Lisa has spoken to women’s groups, girl’s ministry groups, teen groups, school groups, 4-h groups, as well as had her books and message featured in newspapers and TV interviews. She has also presented her message in many different formats.  Lisa will tailor a message that relates to your group event. Contact us today for more information.

At this time, Lisa only takes a limited number of events per year.  Please contact us for more details on scheduling speaking events, book signings, and/or media events. We look forward to hearing from you.  Contact Lisa.


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