The Official Princess Handbook: A Godly Approach to Beauty, Poise, and Righteousness

The Official Princess Handbook: 
 A Godly Approach to Beauty, Poise, and Righteousness

The Official Princess Handbook is the perfect little pink book for girls to learn about the importance of how manners matter, and how being kind can make a difference. In this book, girls will discover a Godly approach to beauty, poise, and righteousness as they attend Princess Charm School with Princess Isabella. 

Book Description

Meet Isabella. It is a very special day for her because the King is having a royal ball tonight for all of the little princesses in the kingdom.  No one is more excited than Isabella, but she has a secret. She doesn’t know how to behave like a princess.  In fact, she is horribly rude, messy, and disobedient.  Is there anyone that can help her?

There is one person in the Kingdom that can.  Lady Sarah, the Princess maker. She knows everything about becoming a princess.  But, what can Lady Sarah possibly do to transform sloppy Isabella into a beautiful princess in one afternoon?

In The Official Princess Handbook, you will learn all of the secrets of becoming a true princess.  You will discover everything that Princess Isabella learns to become the most beautiful princess int he Kingdom and how she earned the princess crown at the royal ball.

A Message to Parents

Practicing good habits and Godly manners is becoming a lost art, yet young people are still interested in projecting a poised, mannerly appearance. Girls can discover in this exciting new book how to become a princess inside and out. Being a princess is more than what we see on the outside; a true princess knows her spiritual worth and allows her inner beauty to enhance her outward appearance.

The Official Princess Handbook covers topics such as manners, beauty, health,and hygiene, poise, and more while showing girls the Scriptural basis for all good behavior.

96 page, paperback, published by Harrison House.

Also included  with book purchase, a secret web address revealing a special personal video message from Lisa.

Lisa Delmedico Harris is the author and founder of Princess Charm School and the Official Princess Handbook.  She is an etiquette instructor and self-image coach teaching girls and women of all ages the message of true beauty, poise, and righteousness.  Her unique approach combines everyday social and life skills with the relevant wisdom of God's word.  "If we were all to take etiquette lessons from the word of God, we would learn more about the importance of having good manners and posture, and more about how we can walk in the perfect ways of God." Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband and three children on their farm in rural Oklahoma. 

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