What is Princess Charm School

Princess Charm School is a Godly Approach to Beauty, Poise, and Righteousness.

“If we were all to take etiquette lessons from the word of God, we would learn more about the importance of having good manners and good posture, and more about how we can walk in the perfect ways of God.

I also believe charm school is for girls and women of all ages, and we all need an opportunity to educate ourselves in a way that would create a change and bring about success.”

Princess Charm School started from a book published in 2008.  I had no idea that it would become a girls ministry with a now time message.

I also never thought I would become an author but God has taken my dreams and visions over and beyond.

Princess Charm School is a now time message combining etiquette and everyday social skills with the infallible, powerful, and life changing word of God.

By learning God’s word and understanding His instructions about how we should live our lives, can be life changing, help understand how to walk in His perfect ways, and live out the purpose He has predestined for us.

Princess Charm School is not only for young ladies of today, but it is also for moms, grandmothers, aunts, and other women of influence to learn how to teach and train the next generations.

Etiquette is for everyone. ¬†Manners never go out of style, and God’s word is the foundation on which we should all build our lives.

It should be our goal as Christians and believers to purpose in our hearts and in our minds to live a life that is pleasing in the site of our heavenly father, and be the best representative of Christ we can be.

Your etiquette instructor,

Learn more about Princess Charm School here.

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  1. Lisa
    I would like to purchase your book Princess Charm School. When I tried to add the book to the cart…the cart remained empty.
    Thank you for your help.

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